Unfined Natural Beer - Really Real Ale


We like to see our beer as being proper “craft” brewed using a traditional “farmhouse” style process, all natural ingredients, Whole Leaf Hops, Proper Secondary Fermentation on the yeast, with no cask finings.

One of the unique aspects of Natural beer is it keeps much longer both before and after spiling but to avoid flat beer we think best served within 3 days.

The use of finings from the swimbladders of fish (Isinglass) as well as Sulphur Dioxide has been present in British Real Ale for a long time. Many international beer styles however are supposed to be hazy. Fined and Unfined Cask beer left to warm in dirty lines can gain a bacterial infection which will make it hazy and smell bad - if it is warm, reject it!

Increasingly in the UK drinkers, publicans and brewers are realising the benefits of unfined ale. It can both have more flavour, more vitamins (from the yeast), more colour and more mouthfeel (finings remove a lot more than just yeast). It is Natural Beer. There is less wastage from a cask, as you aren’t worried about serving swimbladder soup. Our new yeast forms a compact tight sediment and ensures you handle our beer like fined beer. In fact you can serve it without any racking at all.

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Moor Brewery have found that when two versions of the same beer are on tap the unfined version wins hands down on taste and mouthfeel. Interestingly there is a real buzz in the Wine Industry as well about “naked” wine. No Isinglass, Filtration or Sulphites. Perhaps Beer in this country will follow the trend appearing in Wine? We hope so and we hope you get the chance to try some unfined beer for yourself soon to make up your own mind.

unfined beer

Yeast in Beer - if its good enough for Keg its got to be good enough for Cask...

Budvar Yeast Beer - if you like a true Pilsner style beer you will already know about Budvar. In the unlikely event you like Fosters and are reading this then please continue. Not all keg beer is bad beer. Budvar is a fantastic beer and a favourite of mine on a summer day. They are now releasing in the UK their Yeast beer, which is unpasteurised and unfiltered. I expect you will find much less resistance from Keg drinkers to a hazy beer. The thing is beer just doesn’t need finings. Finings in the cask are apt to make the beer go off quicker and lose its life faster. That aspect doesn’t affect Keg. The reason Budvar want to keep the yeast in the beer is the flavour aspect. What beer does need is time in the production phase and time in the conditioning phase.

Our beer doesn’t need longer to settle with our new yeast. What’s more it may be “Veggy” but that doesn’t mean it lacks anything over a fined beer. Adding Isinglass doesn’t make your beer taste better - on the contrary. Adding Isinglass isn’t like adding Anchovies to pizza. It doesn’t improve the beer.


Budvar Yeast Beer - served slightly hazy - now available in the UK