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Jun 2015 - The beer festival on Saturday went really well (although it was a wash out on Friday & Sunday due to the rain) Watch this space for the next one. Hopefully that will be a scorcher, and this time I will get a Gazebo just in case...

May 2015 - MINI BEER FESTIVAL ! 29-30-31st May - weather dependent - please email for your free ticket ! We will have 3-4 cask beers, superb beef Burgers and Serious Samosas!

March 2015 - lack of updates on here as Twitter and Facebook can be done anytime anywhere. Coming soon will be a special event - no idea on the theme yet but there will be food and drink in the salubrious surrounds of the Golding Barn Estate and you can walk off  the pints and get a bus or taxi home.

Dec 2014 - Latest bottled beer Gold Admiral now in the shop. If you arrive at the shop and it’s unattended please ring 01273 915025. Shop closed 24-28th Dec.

Dec 2014 - the Brewery Shop is now open !

Nov 2014 - We will be opening a Baseline Brewing Beer shop soon - as well as our beer we will stock other fine beers such as Dark Star, Thornbridge and Brew Dog with Sussex guests featuring as well. The shop will open 9.30 am - 7pm Mon- Friday and for a few hours on Saturday. We hope to be open by MONDAY 8TH DECEMBER

Sept 2014 - Sussex pubs

Sept 2014 - Mash Up! Now available see “Our Beer”

July 2014 - Too busy to keep this up to date - follow on Twitter or Facebook for up-to-date news.  English Electric Lightning & Rebel Alliance in -  “ Mash Up “ Fusion Beer coming soon!

May 2014 - Dark Marauder a one off special for St Georges day appeared at a Beer Festival. It went down really well according to reports.

February 2014 - Now you have no excuse - our new yeast is ensuring even with minimal racking our beer is bright and clear without any finings. This means you can take cask off the chime and rack and serve immediately!

January 2014 - New improved Halcyon Hop Haze now fermenting. See “Our Beer”

January 2014 - Happy New Year ! Baseline will be at the Camra festival in Hove Town Hall again with Decibel & Halcyon Hop Haze.

December 2013 - Decibel DnB Ale now available. See “our beer”

November 2013 - Been too busy to keep this up-to-date! New best bitter available soon. Christmas ale fermenting. Coming soon Decibel DnB )!

August 2013 - We are now able to supply your pub wherever you are with our new Natural Craft Keg product - order here

June 2013 - Unfined Times! I was very pleased to find out about the Catford  Bridge Tavern’s unfined beer festival June 13th-16th. They will have Dark Matter and Halcyon Hop Haze.

Catford Bridge Tavern's Unfined Beer Festival


May 2013 - At a recent Beer Festival at The George in Eartham (lovely pub this and no big brand lagers to be seen!) Halcyon Hop Haze was the second fastest to sell out, and was voted joint first by the Landlord as his favourite beer. So the big guns are reeling from the power of Natural Beer :-)

April 2013 - Great news if you are a publican in Kent or London through we are now able to offer delivery to a much wider market. Please get in touch with us for delivery slots directly.

March 2013 - Sussex Subwoofer Stout or Triple S if you prefer is now ready. It is a delicious traditional style stout but using a more modern High Alpha English Hop called Admiral which is actually grown in Sussex. Delicious and as you can imagine a whole lot tastier than the market leader...

February 2013 - Very interesting day spent with Downlands Brewery being hjis brew monkey.

February 2013 - Today we received some new casks from Global Polymer Solutions. Unlike other plastic casks on the market which regularly leak and blow shives (especially if properly primed) these have been tested way beyond the likely abuse the on trade will throw at them. Here is a link to a video showing it being dropped 4 metres whilst full of -18deg antifreeze (plastic is known to be brittle when cold). One of the nicest parts of the design is the screw in shive with a reinforced s/steel band solving the issues other designs have which try to use conventional shives.

Global Polymer Solutions Casks








January 2013 - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! This year we will be upping production as we will have more casks! Rather than being one of the rarest beers around we hope you’ll find it easier to locate. If you don’t see our beers in your local then pester the bar manager. Most breweries employ sales people or deal with distributors so it’s easy for smaller brewers like us to get forgotten. We’ll have two beers in the CAMRA festival in Hove as well in March.

December 2012 - thanks to all our customers in 2012. Look out for more beer from us in 2013. We will have more casks and will also be selling KeyKegs to satisfy national and international demand.

October 2012 - In order to differentiate our product still further, our beer will now undergo extended brewery conditioning. This means the cost of each cask will rise approx £5.

September 2012 - Halcyon Hop Haze is getting a very good reaction from drinkers. We will soon be able to offer bottles of beer via distributors and local outlets.

September 2012 - Getting harder to keep track of the news and events page which must be a good  thing ! Thunderbolt has proved popular but our next beer to launch Halcyon Hop Haze 4% is nearly ready !

August 2012 - BEER FINDER - Snowdrop Inn have Thunderbolt. Advise calling to see when they are putting it on.

August 2012 - BEER FINDER - Craft Beer Co BN1 have Thunderbolt. Advise calling beforehand.

July 2012 - BEER FINDER - The Sir Roger Tichborne have Thunderbolt & English Electric Lightning. Craft Beer Co BN1 have Thunderbolt. Advise calling beforehand.

July 2012 - English Electric Lightning was one of the first to sell out at the recent Shepherd & Dog Beer Festival. I only hope they get more luck with the weather next year, as it’s been wet two years in a row. Someone important from Camra wanted to know why we weren’t fining. The simple reason is an unfined beer left for the required time has a better flavour in our opinion. This is echoed by many. See our Natural Beer page . Now if our beer is treated in the same was as fined beer it will be hazy bordering on cloudy. Left just a few days more it will drop much brighter and taste devine. Is a few more days not worth the effort? The barman at the beer festival understood that the haze was normal and customers couldn’t get enough of it. Prejudice remains, and where the server feels doubt, the customer will rarely enjoy the experience as the taste buds are no longer the only judge.

July 2012 - BEER FINDER 10th July- EEL will be on at the Duke of Wellington, Shoreham soon give them a call and ask them when it’s going on.

June 2012 - BEER FINDER 29/6- Natural Unfined English Electric Lightning will be available at Thomas A Becket Worthing for their beer Festival starting on the 29th June.

June 2012 - BEER FINDER 8/6 - English Electric Lighting available this weekend 8th June at The Stanley Arms, Portslade. Available next week at the Sir Roger Tichborne nr Horsham.

June 2012 - More and more brewers seem to be appearing. It’s worrying how many are selling others beer though. Building a brand on someone else's beer is a big risk, when variations in liquor and equipment ensure the product will change when they set up their own operation. For us it’s about product first, then marketing.

June 2012 - English Electric Lightning is now ready for sale. This powerful full flavoured Special Bitter is we hope going to be very popular!

May 2012 - We sold a cask to a fantastic Pub called the Sir Roger Tichborne. Narrowly missing a tree falling in the road on the way there the area was stunning even more so due to the high water level making you appreciate just how close the waterways were. The major of local ales and have a busy house even in quiet times. Definitely on the edges of our current delivery range but well worth the effort.

May 2012 - English Electric Lightning is now fermenting. See our beers page for more detail

April 2012 - Thanks to Dark Star Brewing Co, Baseline Brewing will be featured at the Reading Beer Festival.

March 2012 - First sales of Dark Matter and Thunderbolt begin - so far feedback on the beer has been very good!