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Our 5 Barrel plant is a one off. Custom designed by our head brewer and custom built with help from local Sussex fabricators it produces unique Beer.


The brewing process is essentially straightforward. Assuming you have a proven recipe, you mash the grain to get your sweet wort. You boil the wort with hops. You cool the hot wort and then you pitch yeast. The Yeast does all the hard work for you, then with time and care the result is usually good beer! However the process  is complicated enough to ensure that two brewers with the same recipe will not produce the same beer.


We have designed our brewing process to ensure maximum flavour from our beers. It is  unfortunate that some breweries implement technologies to improve control and efficiency, the side effect of which can be less characterful Beer.


Please see below some of the features of our brewing process. Please remember our beers do not use Isinglass for fining. To prevent protein haze we use natural seaweed based finings in the copper.




Original Warminster Floor Malt
Baseline Copper Immersion

The Finest Ingredients

So often quoted by companies in food and drink. Unfortunately it doesn’t always mean much. With us it is everything. We cannot hope to produce great beer in this competitive market if we set out with anything but the best. Yes it costs more as do the whole flower hops but cutting corners on the very essence of the beer is not our style nor will it ever be.

Baseline Heat Exchanger

Dual Cool

In the 18th Century brewers would take hours to cool their worts. Beer was typically cloudy due to the poor hot break. Most modern brewers seek to cool the wort rapidly through a heat exchanger leading to a good hot break and better retention of subtle aromatics. The trouble is the wort in the kettle stays hot until it passes the exchanger. Our Dual Cool process cools the hot wort while it is waiting to be passed through the heat exchanger. Time truly is of the essence.  

Baseline Batch Sparge
Baseline Temperature Control

Batch Sparge

Our head brewer will tell you, that not only is this inefficient method of mashing much easier to build than a rotating sparge, but that it creates a finer flavoured wort with less tannin extraction. Our Brewhouse efficiency won’t win any prizes but the waste grain will fatten up the local farm animals nicely.

Temperature Control

Our display allows easy reading of temperatures across all key vessels. Temperature control is vital for brewing beer styles correctly and ensuring quality control and recipe replication. However due to ambient variations our beer will vary seasonally.

Baseline Resonance Fermentation

Resonance Fermentation

The term “Baseline” is heavily rooted in Science. It also can be an alternative spelling for Bassline. With our experimental Resonance Fermentation we use a 6 Cu ft custom made subwoofer to literally shake the beer. We brew with Bass! The preferred style is Drum & Bass due to it’s excellent low frequency content.

Hour Glass


Beer should never be rushed. Mass production of lager has forgotten that the meaning of the word was “to store”. At Baseline we condition our beer as long as possible at the brewery to ensure the pint you get delivers the experience and flavour you desire.

As we grow and develop as a brewery we will be producing a range of special beers with unique flavours and ingredients, especially with an eye to the past. As with most things truly new ideas are rare!

Dark Star Brewing - Inspiration


The Dark Star Brewing Company and their wonderful beer first came onto my Radar via the Evening Star Pub. This pub truly is an experience. The variety of beers I tasted (and the condition they were served in) got me started in Brewing and led to the development of Baseline Brewing. Thank you - Dark Star and Evening Star!

The Evening Star Brighton