Traditional Real Ale

Traditionally Cask Ale in Britain has used Isinglass Fish Finings to settle out yeast more quickly to present a clear beer faster than is possible without.

We condition our beer for longer and let the yeast settle out naturally. We prime our casks with natural cane sugar. This is unlike the modern process and we think it gives a more rounded final product.

We hope you will be one of the converts to Natural Beer with no additives, our beer should be served clear but a slight haze is possible with Halcyon Hop Haze or our Wheat Beer Enqlander Weissbier. We believe Natural beer tastes better.


We do not we do not use any of following in our beer production:

- Silicone based Anfifoam agents (I’d rather have a boilover)

- PGA Powder (this is where brewers add a product to get back the foam they killed with finings)

- Polysaccharide based auxiliary finings

- Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone PVPP - or Polyclar

So you can have Natural beer with just Malt, Barley, Hops & Yeast or the same with a bit of Fish Finings to clear, the choice, as they say, is yours! Or you could have one of both and let your customers decide which is best ! Either way though we think our Natural, Unfined beer has a more natural production process than our competition, and this is reflected in the flavour.